Driving the Global Cannabis Partnership is a shared commitment to advance environmental stewardship, social responsibility and good governance across the industry worldwide.

Inspired by these commitments, the Responsible Cannabis Framework, defines the corporate social responsibility (CSR) standards to which all members agree to adhere, beyond minimum compliance with all relevant and applicable laws in their jurisdictions.

All members have endorsed the framework and committed to its principles and are now working towards certification in one of four categories.


Members will be certified according to one of four categories that reflect the extent to which they have implemented management systems in support of the framework’s environment, social and governance impact areas.

In all cases, members will make application to an independent evaluation panel before a certificate will be granted. Certification will be valid for two years.

Members fall under the reporting category of core or comprehensive based on the number of impact areas for which to apply. The designation as either developing or leader depends on the assessed maturity of the organization’s management systems.

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Process & Timeline

The certification process for members can be summarized in 5 steps and can be accomplished during the first year of membership:

Step 1: Assessment and Planning
Step 2: Application Completion
Step 3: Application Submission
Step 4: Review and Evaluation
Step 5: Certification


All members, including government agencies, private-sector cannabis industry organizations and affiliates must subscribe to the preamble and principles of the responsible cannabis framework.

Each member must also complete an assessment to determine the status of their commitment and actions related to each of the impact areas. From this, each member must develop and implement goals, policies, initiatives and metrics for a minimum of six impact areas within one year of signing the framework.

All assessment tools and their corresponding processes / deadlines are available to members.

Verification, review and continuous improvement

To qualify as a leader, members must submit to an independent, third-party verification of their self-assessment. This stage in the certification process is to ensure that a submission is complete, accurate and legitimate, that members have the opportunity to gain feedback and insight into their processes to ensure continuous improvement.

Further information and resources are available to members.

Fact sheet: Full Certification Process

Certification process timeline (recertification)

Guiding questions for impact area questionnaires


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